new-life-sunday-worship2Our desire is to create a space where we can experience God and participate in the reality of His Kingdom in our lives.  Our Sunday gatherings are casual and energetic, yet we follow a flow to the order of worship that draws us into God’s Word and presence.  we have three hopes for our Sunday Worship Gatherings:

  1. We hope that they are Spiritually Rich.
  2. It’s our hope that we, as a family, are Genuinely Connected with each other.
  3. It’s our hope that we continually recognize that we are Passionately Sent as God’s ambassadors.

When you come, you can expect to hear the story of God through the message and through the reading of Scripture; you can expect to speak the story through our songs, creeds, and witness; and you can expect to taste the Kingdom in our community and in the bread and cup of communion. As we experience God’s presence together, we pray that He would form us to go out and be a foretaste and instrument of that Kingdom in our neighborhoods.

As God is infinitely a creative God, we also seek to involve creativity within our Sunday Gathering.  We love to see how God has gifted those in our community and our gatherings often reflect this.

In communion we experience the mystery that Christ has died, Christ is risen, and Christ will come again. We invite anyone to participate who desires to follow Christ and turn toward Him.  It’s a great and meaningful way to participate- and respond- to God’s awesome work of love in our lives.

As a community of faith, we are called (and blessed!) to be generous in our giving. We pool together a portion of what God has given us to participate in His work. If you’d like to give, there are several ways- just follow the jump over to our Giving page.

New Life Christian Fellowship’s Sunday Gatherings:
10am, 130 Jackson St. NW, Downtown Blacksburg