Our Vision

At New Life, you’ll find a blend of people who love God and are committed to helping each other walk faithfully through life.  Marrieds, retired, singles, grad students, and families give us the opportunity to share with and learn from each other at any phase of life.  Our diversity is our strength, and instead of separating the ages and stages, we embrace and mix them together like a true family would.  You’ll see older children caring for the younger ones, college singles mentoring youth, young parents gathering over their kids, and everyone enjoying each other’s strengths and differences.  We desire deep connection with one another and the world, and are always looking for how God is working in life around us.  For those who like definitions, we are an interdenominational community of believers- united by our pursuit of following Jesus and becoming more like Him.

We pursue this through Believing,  Becoming, and Blessing.

New Life is part of the Ecclesia Network of churches and we consider ourselves in the missional church movement.  The video below is a great quick way to describe the missional church:

In addition to the video, listen to this message from Steve to hear more about what a missional church in the New River Valley can look like.

Our Values

Being a community church AND having a strong connection with our campus congregation

  • Making space in our lives to hear from AND respond to God
  • Deep relationships AND welcoming new friends into our lives
  • Proclaiming the Gospel through our words AND through Biblical social justice
  • Recognizing the brokenness in and around us AND appreciating beauty, creativity, and laughter
  • Loving others who are similar to us AND who are different from us
  • Gathering together AND being Sent Out

Key Areas of Maturity in Following Christ

(based in Ephesians 4)

  • How are we Living Out our Calling?
  • How are we Walking Closely with our God and the Poor?
  • How are we Incarnating the Good News?
  • How are we Pursuing Wholeness in Community?
  • How are we Being Shaped by the Scriptures?

Theological Articles