Our Leaders

by | Sep 4, 2016


New Life Christian Fellowship currently has 6 pastors that oversee the entire church: Jim Pace, Steve Englund, Wendy Chinn, Jeanette Staats, Kristal Poff & Robbie Poff.

Two of these pastors — Steve Englund & Wendy Chinn — focus specifically on the multi-generational focused congregation we have nicknamed “New Life”.

You can read their bios below:

Steve Englund

Steve joined New Life Christian fellowship when he was a student at Radford University. He felt the call to full-time vocational ministry and joined the staff team of NLCF in 2004. After spending over a decade in campus ministry with the student-focused NLCF congregation, Steve and his wife Amy shifted their leadership to our community congregation in 2015. Steve was ordained as a pastor in February, 2017, and he currently serves with overseeing our Sunday gathering teams, events, helps with Sunday preaching, discipleship and leading a Small Group. He is the only full-time staff member of our church focused primarily on our New Life Congregation.



Wendy Chinn

Wendy joined New Life Christian Fellowship her freshman year at Virginia Tech in 1997. She began serving as as associate (volunteer) staff member for NLCF in 2002, serving in ministry alongside working jobs in both the communications and counseling field. When NLCF began its community-focused service, she and her husband David began to split their time between student-focused ministry and community ministry. In 2009, they made the shift to working predominantly with the New Life congregation. In 2014, Wendy left her counseling position to focus her attention on ministry. Wendy was ordained as a pastor in February, 2018.  She currently oversees spiritual formation in our church, including small groups, teaches on Sundays, and loves to help overall wherever there’s a need. Wendy works part-time for New Life and also part-time for Fresh Expressions US, a ministry focused on cultivating new kinds of church alongside existing congregations to more effectively engage our growing post-Christian society.


The remaining 4 pastors – Jim Pace, Jeanette Staats, Kristal Poff & Robbie Poff – spend most of their attention on our student-focused NLCF congregation, and their bios can be found here along with the rest of our campus ministry staff team.



Additional Leadership Roles for New Life Congregation:

  • Children’s Ministry – David Chinn
  • Youth Ministry – Brad Kraft
  • Sunday Support Teams (music, sound, video) – Steve Englund

New Life-focused Deacons:

  • Jess Christian
  • Katie Larimer
  • Larry Rose
  • Kristen Saia
  • Carl Staats

NLCF-focused Deacons:

  • Curtis Goodnight
  • Christian Hearl
  • David McCann