Our Leaders

Shared Leadership

New Life’s leadership structure can be best described as Shared Leadership.   This is different from a flat leadership approach as well a hierarchal leadership structure.  For a brief explanation of this leadership example, watch this video of our founding pastor JR Woodward, who wrote a book on Creating a Missional Culture.

Along with Shared Leadership, we look at Ephesians chapter 4 as a primary description of how leaders are equippers in 5 different areas of giftings.  It is the work of the leadership team to equip the church as every one of us live out our calling both individually and together as  a church.  JR Woodward gives a great 3 minute overview of the 5 different equipping gifts within a church.

Pastor / Elder Team

Joe Racek

Joe has been serving in ministry for over 23 years and loves serve as a local (parish) pastor.  Joe began as a member in the college congregation back in 1995, and then moved back from church planting in Los Angeles to pastor New Life in 2009.  Read his full bio here.

Steve Englund

Steve has been a part of our team since 2015.  He currently serves with overseeing our Sunday gathering teams, events, helps with Sunday preaching, and leads a discipleship huddle and an Engage Group.

Wendy Chinn

Wendy was ordained as a volunteer pastor in 2018.  She currently leads a discipleship huddle, and engage group, helps with Sunday preaching, and loves to help overall wherever there’s a need.


Additional Roles:
Children’s Director – David Chinn
Youth Ministry – Joe Racek
Sunday Support Teams (music, sound, video) –  Steve Englund