Small Groups

It is our understood mission that Jesus has called us to be His hands and feet in the world- and our community is oriented around this mission. We engage in the spiritual discipline of meeting in smaller groups for helping one another in following Christ, becoming more like Him in love toward God, each other, and the world around us.

Each of these groups have different flavors, appeal to different kinds of people and are “being the church” in very different ways. They range anywhere from 5 to 30 people- ideally small enough for stronger encouragement, prayer, and spiritual challenges from others united in following Jesus. On-site childcare is available for these small groups.

Mondays – Christiansburg Small Group
Englund’s Small Group
The dinner table is a place where our minds, souls, and bodies can be nourished. Conversations can go deep and relationships can be strengthened.  We can be ministered to and minister to each other.  This Engage Group seeks to gather around the dinner table to see all of this happen in our relationships both inside and outside the church.  Another component for this Engage Group is to look at how we can be a blessing to the foster care community.  We meet weekly, for now, on Monday’s from 6-8pm at Scott and Katie Larimer’s.  Contact Steve Englund.

Wednesdays – Blacksburg Small Group
Chinn’s Small Group
This family of friends gather around a weekly potluck meal from 6-8pm to enjoy food, fellowship, and take a sneak peek into the following Sunday’s sermon. We explore the outlined scripture together to better understand how God is at work through scripture, and share how God is currently at work in our lives.  Our home is within walking distance to campus. Contact David Chinn

Thursdays – Blacksburg Small Group
Staats’ Small Group
A group consisting of a mixture of young and older marrieds, singles, grad students, and working professionals who share their lives, study the Word, and pray together. Meeting Thursdays in Blacksburg.  Contact Carl Staats.