huddle-2Jesus calls us to follow him, and discipleship groups (Huddles) are the places we learn, listen, and respond to the call of Jesus. These are smaller groups of dedicated people (3-8 people) who are dedicated to sharing what’s going on in their lives together and seeking to discern how God is working in each person’s life.  The groups are built around these two fundamental questions: What is God saying to me? and How will I respond?

“The problem with Christians isn’t that they don’t understand what Jesus taught.  The problem is they simply don’t do what he taught.” Alex Absalom

The word Huddle implies a group coming very close together in order to share warmth and companionship in otherwise harsh circumstances.  A great example of this is Emperor Penguins huddling together for warmth in the middle of the Antarctic ice shelf, spending those long winter months protecting each other and their penguin eggs from the conditions which average around -70°F. Another example is of a sports team huddling together, arms draped over each others’ shoulders, receiving inspiration and instruction from their coach and one another.  Our understanding of discipleship huddles is that they draw upon both perspectives – they are both nurturing and challenging, offering encouragement as well as accountability.  Huddles require this kind of tension.

Our Sunday gathering and Engage Groups provide atmosphere to meet other people and develop friendships.  Both Sunday worship gatherings and Engage Groups are open to all.  Huddle discipleship groups form with a certain smaller group of usually all guys or all women.  If you are interested in pursuing this, please contact either Wendy Chinn or Steve Englund.