Providing Care for Foster Families

Who We Are
Kenny’s Locker is an effort to bring meaningful help to families providing foster care in the New River Valley.

Why We Help
In most cases, when a foster care family gets notified about a new placement there is not much time between when they get off the phone with the foster care agency (DSS, etc.) and when their doorbell rings as they welcome a new child into their family.  In many cases, the child does not come with many belongings – sometimes none at all.  When this happens, it can be difficult to know which essentials to have for the child, where to get them from, or who to contact for help – especially in that first week.

How We Help
Our heart is to be someone they can call and get some help for what they may need that first week or so.  We help provide things like: clothes, diapers, pacifiers, toys, pack and play, hygienic supplies, blankets, etc – all depending on the child’s age and gender.  We also want to be an ongoing support for the new parents by helping them walk through this new season, giving them advice on how to navigate parenthood appropriate to the child’s age, and to just listen when they need to talk.

How You Can Help

The need is great right now!  Contact your local DSS or Community Service Board and find out how you can become a foster care provider.

Donate new or gently used supplies.  We have one collection point at 130 Jackson St., NW in Blacksburg, VA OR you can contact us at [email protected]  We need items like: clothes, burp cloths, wash cloths, diapers, swaddles, pacifiers, wipes, hand sanitizer, bottles, toys, books, etc.

Some physical needs that can be met through donations can be used but many cannot.  Those costs add up.  To help out financially, you can give directly to Kenny’s Locker through New Life’s giving page by Clicking Here.  Click “New Life Congregation” and then type in “Kenny’s Locker” in the Additional Information section.  Your gift will go directly towards Kenny’s Locker and all gifts are tax deductible.  Thank you!

Contact Us
E-mail:  [email protected]
Phone:  (540) 227-0836
You can also find us on Facebook.